This has been a long week without my boyfriend. Done a lot of homework, and went to the club with some friends. Got waaaay too drunk, but had lots of fun! Even tough I am a Heavy-metal-person, the consert was really good! Even got a crazy selfie with the artist. Today I am doing nothing at all…

After a week in Bergen city, I am finally home in my bed! This has been an amazing week with my boyfriend. We have been with his family and done A LOT of shopping :) I have used 8000 kr on shopping, and I hope to survive the rest of the month with the money i have left… Bought a lot of clothes, 9 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, shoes +++ Also bought a stereo to have in my room :) so there will be a lot of loud death metal in my house from now on :D! Going to enjoy the night in my own bed, and go to work tomorrow!

Finally in Bergen! After a 8 hour drive, me and my boyfriend are exhausted and ready for bed :) look forward to a new day tomorrow!

This week has been the longest week I can remember. My boyfriend went to Greece with some friends last friday, and I had to stay home….and work…. I have missed him so much, and the days have been endless and boring! Has spent most of my time in my bed, and outside with my dogs :)
I kind of suprised my self as well… I have never read a book in my entire life. Reading is too boring, and I really don’t have the patience to read. But me and my friend decided to read Fifty Shades of Grey before the movie comes out in Febuary! So this week I have finished two of the three books… I’m in shock… But I really liked the books so why not?

My boyfriend is coming home today, and I can’t wait to see him! We are going to Bergen tomorrow, and I am so excited to see his family and the beautiful city again :)

Enjoying the last weeks with my boyfriend before he goes to Kristiansand. For two years I have been used to seeing him every day, and I can’t remember the last time I had to sleep alone in my bed. I am so addicted to having him around, and I really don’t look forward to next month. Not being able to see him in several weeks is going to be so hard! :(

Most beautiful man on earth…. Synyster Gates