Enjoying the holidays! Been drinking most of the time, and have been spending time with my friends and boyfriend. Also got a lot of new piercings that I ordered from the Internet. New industrial with spikes, nipple piercings, tunnels and a lot more! I can never get enough piercings!

Been studying chemestry and math for 5 hours today… So tired, but good grades keep me motivatet :) if I keep working like this, I will hopefully get into the vet-study after high school!
After all this homework, I finished a new drawing. One of the teachers at my school wanted a drawing of her horse, so this is the result!
Just came back after a walk with my dog, and I am looking forward to a great night with my boyfriend :)!

Animal welfarists believe the cages should be nicer. Animal rights activists believe the cages should be destroyed.

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