Enjoying the last weeks with my boyfriend before he goes to Kristiansand. For two years I have been used to seeing him every day, and I can’t remember the last time I had to sleep alone in my bed. I am so addicted to having him around, and I really don’t look forward to next month. Not being able to see him in several weeks is going to be so hard! :(

Most beautiful man on earth…. Synyster Gates

Went to a birthday-party yesterday :) my niece turning 13! The sun is shining, and it is almost too hot for me to be outside. Took a 30 min walk with my dog, and when I got back it looked like I had taken a shower!
Going to work this weekend… Some of my boyfriend’s family is coming for a visit, so I hope I get some time to see them! :)

My phone has been all fucked up the last week… It turns itself off when I try to post pictured :S think it is better now!

I went to a consert with AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!!!!!!! I have been in love with this band since I was 12 years old, and have had a big crush on the singer and guitarist since then. They are the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful men I have ever seen! And seing them LIVE (i was i the front at the consert!!) is one of the best things I have ever experienced :)! Going to tattoo their logo in my body when I get the money. Look forward to it :)

I am enjoying summer, and have fun with my boyfriend every day. I love him more that anything else in the world, and we are enjoying our time together before he is starting school far away from me :(

Summer!!!!! School is done, and I am ready to enjoy the summer with friends and family :) had a big party two days ago. My class went down to the beach, and everyone got so drunk… Had a great time with my classmates after a wounderful year at school. It is so sad that we are not going to learn about horses next year. The horse-subjects are just for one year, so we will not be the horse-girls anymore :( but i will see them all again in August!


tywin lannister slowly realizing he’s not the world’s greatest dad


After a day with a lot of nerves, I am done with my last exam!! Top grades on all 3 exams, and I am ready for summer!